Trademark Overview

Overview of Trademark

“Trademarks” which are accepted in Japan, are letters, figures, symbols, three-dimensional shapes, combinations thereof, as well as colors with combinations thereof, which are to be used for business. For registration in Japan, there are two routes, one by filing national trademark applications with the Japan Patent Office and the other by filing international applications based on the Madrid protocol designating Japan.
It is required of applications to specify what goods and/or services the subject trademarks are to be used for. A single application may designate a plurality of classes if the goods and/or services to be designated take a wide variety. It is not necessary that the subject trademarks are in actual use at the time an application is filed, though the applicant’s intention to use the trademark in Japan in the near future is required.
Registration is valid for ten years from the registration date, and is renewable every ten years.

Trademark Procedures Route

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