Court Decisions


No. Court Decision Date Summary
1 Amendment to narrow scope of claim in process of prosecution and application of doctrine of equivalents (international trend in court cases and overview of Japanese court cases) 2022/03/17  
2 Pyrimidine Derivative Case[GP IP HC] 2018/04/13 Legal Interest & Inventiveness
3 Pravastatin sodium case[Sup] 2015/06/05 Construction of product-by-process claim
4 Patent Term Extension Case[IP HC] 2014/05/30 Patent Term Extension
5 SAMSUNG versus APPLE Case(Demand for declaratory judgment to confirm non-existence of damages based on Standard Essential Patent) [IP HC] 2014/05/16 Abuse of right, Standard essential patent, Amount of the FRAND royalty
6 Waste storage device case[IP HC] 2013/02/01 Damage evaluation
7 Pravastatin sodium case[IP HC] 2012/01/27 Product-by-Process claim interpretation
8 Sato’s Kiri-Mochi case[IP HC] 2011/09/07 Claim interpretation
9 Pacif capsule case[Sup] 2011/04/28 Patent term extension is available per patent
10 Hollow golf club head case[IP HC] 2010/05/27 Doctrine of equivalents
11 Ink cartridge case [Sup] 2007/11/08 Exhaustion, Novel production, Parallel import
12 Ichitaro case [IP HC (en banc)] 2005/09/30 Indirect infringement, Software patent
13 Camostat mesilate case [Sup] 1999/04/16 Generic drug, Testing for new-drug application


No. Court Decision Date Summary
1 TIRE FOR MOTORCYCLE Case[Tokyo HC] 2012/07/18 Similarity, Chief part
2 SHELL HANGER Case[Tokyo HC] 2007/06/13 Obviousness of a design, Combination of cited designs
3 Pulley case[IP HC] 2007/01/31 Scope of a partial design
4 Connector terminal case[Tokyo IP HC] 2006/03/31 Design for minute part
5 Cosmetic Puff Case[Osaka DC] 2005/12/15 Similarity of designs, Similarity of articles
6 Carabiner case[Tokyo HC] 2005/10/31 Scope of the article of a design right
7 Wrap Film case[Tokyo DC] 2004/10/29 Design of completed article and design of it’s parts.


No. Court Decision Date Summary
1 IGZO trademark case[IP HC] 2015/02/25 Mark indicating raw material in common manner
2 Tarzan CASE[Tokyo HC] 2012/06/27 Damage the public policy
3 “ARICA” Case[Sup] 2011/12/20 Interpretation of the meaning of designated goods/services
4 Evidence of non-use cancellation case[IP HC] 2011/10/24 Credibility of evidence
5 Bad faith registration case[IP HC] 2011/10/24 Pirated trademark and regaining thereof
6 Yakult container 3D trademark case[IP HC] 2010/11/16 3D trademark
7 Sidamo case [IP HC] 2010/03/29 Mark indicating a place of origin
8 Intellasset case[IP HC] 2009/10/20 TM containing famous abbreviation
9 TSU-TSU-MI-NO-O-HI-NA-KKO-YA case[Sup] 2008/09/08 Composite trademark
10 Coca-Cola case [IP HC] 2008/05/29 3D trademark
11 MAGLITE CASE[Tokyo HC] 2007/06/27 Three-dimensional trademark, Discrimination power acquired from use thereof
12 Leonard Kamhout case [Sup] 2004/06/08 Consent timing of a person’s name
13 Manhattan Portage device mark case [Tokyo HC] 2003/11/20 TM used for unfair purposes
14 FRED PERRY Case[Sup] 2003/02/27 Parallel imports of genuine branded goods


No. Court Decision Date Summary
1 TRIPP TRAPP case[IP HC] 2015/04/14 Entitled to copyright protection
2 Copyright in fashion show[IP HC] 2014/08/28 Copyright-ability
3 Maneki TV case[Sup] 2011/01/18 Real-time streaming TV programs, Making transmittable
4 Model gun case[Tokyo DC] 2000/06/29 Use as indication of goods
5 McDonald’s case[Osaka DC] 1993/10/15 Mark causing confusion of business
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