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Correction after Registration

Correction after Registration
Can the description, claim(s) or drawing(s) be corrected after registration?

Yes, but the opportunity is very limited.
The owner of a utility model right is entitled to one opportunity to correct the description, claim(s) or drawing(s), at any time except after a lapse of (i) 2 months from the service of the first utility model technical opinion, or (ii) the time period designated for submitting a written answer in a invalidation trial (Article 14-2, Paragraph 1).
The purpose of the correction is limited to (i) restriction of the scope of claims; (ii) correction of errors; (iii) clarification of an ambiguous statement; and (iv) conversion of dependent claims to an independent claim format (Paragraph 2).
Further, the owner of a utility model right may cancel claim(s) as many times as desired, at any time except in case the utility model right is challenged and after the notice of the conclusion of invalidation trial proceedings is issued (Paragraph 7).

*Note: JPO uses the word “amendment” for amending description, claim(s), drawing(s)
etc. before registration, and the word “correction” after registration.

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