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New Years Greetings

We give our greetings for a happy new year and hope all is well.

The Japan Patent Attorneys Association was involved in many undertakings last year, and we have been fortunate to see the fruits of these efforts. We owe these accomplishments to the understanding and support we have gained from all those within and outside the association, and to them we give our sincerest appreciation.

Of these efforts, first we had the national expansion of the “Local Intellectual Property Vitalization Campaign”. This is an activity based on the “Intellectual Property Promotion Plan 2005”, designed to vitalize the intellectual properties of local, small/mid and venture companies, in order to establish a country based on the creation of intellectual properties. By placing a contact personnel for the JPAA in every prefecture, an “Intellectual Property Support Network” was established in order to link branches and local associations. A “Trademark Caravan Team” was organized to hold seminars and conferences, to dig up “local brands” that will be protected from April of this year. Efforts to create branches throughout the nation in order to form a base for these types of activities are progressing well.

Next, an “access point” as a physical infrastructure was placed throughout the country, starting with the “Tokyo Akiba Wing”. We have also established an intellectual property support agreement between several local governments and the JPAA, to further reinforce the link with local governments. Furthermore, “Intellectual Property Town Meetings” were held in major cities around the country, and they were widely acclaimed. We have also started “Patent Attorney Navigation” from November of last year, to disclose patent attorney information so that the user can find the desired patent attorney.

These activities have made local patent attorneys more noticeable, improving their presence. In April this year, the “e-Learning System”, allowing anyone to receive training, “24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere”, will be started. We recommend the active use of the system for study by individual patent attorneys.

We as patent attorneys are required in our every day work to answer to the expectations of those in need of assistance. In order to establish a country based on the creation of intellectual properties, every individual patent attorney, and the JPAA must further continue our efforts this year as the pillars supporting this effort.

Tatsuhiko Sato
Japan Patent Attorneys Association

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