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Other Information

In the event of a dispute ……

The filing of an application and other procedures are carried out by the patent attorney on behalf of the client on the basis of mutual trust. If, for any reason, a dispute arises between them, however, the JPAA intervenes upon request. Both the client and the patent attorney are entitled to request a mediation by filing a written mediation request describing the dispute, along with documentary evidence. If a mediation is deemed warranted, the Board of Directors swiftly sets up a mediation committee within the association and has it undertake mediation. The proceedings of committee meetings are not made public.

Official gazette reading room

The JPAA has set up a reading room complete with a collection of official gazettes on industrial property (e.g. patent publications, utility mode publications, design publications, trademark publications and trial decision publications), as well as books and magazines relating to industrial property, within the Benrishi Kaikan Hall to provide access to these materials.

Recent Situation of the Japanese Intellectual Property Protection Scheme(PDF:300KB)