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No. Court Decision Date Outline Japanese
1 Pyrimidine Derivative Case[GP IP HC] 20180413 Legal Interest & Inventiveness 訴えの利益、進歩性
2 Multi-Touch Device Having Dynamic Haptic Effects Case[IP HC] 20150716 Inventive step 進歩性
3 Pravastatin sodium case[Sup]
20150605 Construction of product-by-process claim プロダクト・バイ・プロセスクレームの解釈
4 Patent Term Extension Case[IP HC] 20140530 Damage evaluation 特許存続期間の延長、医薬品
5 SAMSUNG versus APPLE Case(Demand for declaratory judgment to confirm non-existence of damages based on Standard Essential Patent) [IP HC]
20140516 Abuse of right, Standard essential patent, Amount of the FRAND royalty アップルvsサムスン 権利の濫用、標準必須特許 (F)RAND損害額
6 Accelerating-Propelling Device CASE[Tokyo HC] 20140305 Enablement requirements 実施可能要件
7 Waste storage device case[IP HC] 20130201 Damage evaluation ゴミ貯蔵機器
8 Hindered phenolic antioxidant composition case [IP HC] 20121029 Support requirement, Working example サポート要件、実施例の記載
9 Claim for value of employee inventions case [Tokyo DC] 20120217 Reasonable remuneration of employee inventions 職務発明
10 Energy Saving Behaviour Sheet Case[IP HC] 20120306 Human mental activity not law of nature 人間の精神活動を対象,自然法則を利用した技術的思想の創作ではない
11 Pravastatin sodium case[IP HC] 20120127 Product-by-Process claim interpretation プロダクトバイプロセスクレームの技術的範囲
12 Sato’s Kiri-Mochi case[IP HC] 20110907 Claim interpretation 技術的範囲
13 Pacif capsule case[Sup] 20110428 Patent term extension is available per patent 存続期間の延長は特許単位で可能
14 International jurisdiction case[IP HC] 20100915 International Jurisdiction 国際裁判籍
15 Sunscreen composition case[IP HC] 20100715 Effect of experimental report in declaration 出願後の実験結果の参酌
16 Hollow golf club head case[IP HC] 20100527 Doctrine of equivalents 均等論
17 Internet Number Case[IP HC]
20100324 Subject of infringement インターネットナンバー事件、侵害主体性
18 Flibanserin case[IP HC] 20100128 Support requirement, Working example サポート要件、実施例の記載、フリバンセリン
19 Circuit-connecting material case[IP HC] 20090128 Inventive step 進歩性
20 Protective Order Case[Sup] 20090127 Provisional disposition corresponds to litigation of patent infringement 仮処分事件は特許権侵害の訴訟に該当
21 Utilization of a Law of Nature[IP HC] 20080826 Unstatutory invention, Eligibility, Utilization of a natural law, A method, mental process 法上の発明、発明の成立性、自然法則の利用、方法、精神活動
22 Interactive dental treatment network case[IP HC] 20080624 Patentability of business method 特許法第29条1項柱書
23 Thermosetting resin composition case [IP HC (en banc)] 20080530 Post-grant correction by disclaimer 除くクレームによる訂正
24 Device for working knife case[Sup] 20080424 Repeated post-grant correction with intent to delay 104条の3第2項、訂正再抗弁の却下、再審
25 Hash algorithm case[IP HC] 20080229 Patentability of Hash algorithm invention 発明該当性、産業上利用可能性
26 Stack forming device case [IP HC] 20080227 Enablement requirement 実施可能要件(36条4項(当時))
27 Recouping of the royalty paid for nothing case [Osaka DC] 20080218 Royalty for license made by mistake 誤認契約による実施権料の不当利得返還請求
28 Ink cartridge case [Sup] 20071108 Exhaustion, Novel production, Parallel import 消尽、再生産、並行輸入
29 Hitachi optical disk case[Sup] 20061017 Obtaining foreign patent of employee invention 職務発明
30 Point managing method case[IP HC] 20060926 Software patent ソフトウェア関連特許
31 Paper sheet discriminating device case[IP HC] 20060629 Inventive step, Motivation 進歩性、動機付け
32 Polarizing film manufacturing process case [IP HC (en banc)] 20051111 Support requirement, Parametric limitation 数値限定発明に関するサポート要件
33 Ichitaro case [IP HC (en banc)] 20050930 Indirect infringement, Software patent 間接侵害 ソフトウェア発明
34 Method of searching for Stable Complex Structure case[Sup] 20050617 Injunction by patentee having an exclusive licensee 専用実施権を設定した特許権者による差止請求
35 Artificial nipple case [Tokyo HC] 20031008 Priority 優先権
36 Optical pick-up case[Sup] 20030422 Employee’s invention 職務発明
37 IMIDAZOLE/PYRAZOLE COMPOUND Case[Tokyo HC] 20030129 Description of chemical compound effect Industrial applicability イミダゾール事件、化学物質の効果記載、産業上の利用可能性
38 Pyrrolidine derivatives case [Tokyo HC] 20021001 Enablement requirement, Working example 制吐剤、ピロリジン
39 Card reader case[Sup] 20020926 Claim infringement of foreign laws 外国法上の特許権侵害
40 Pen-type syringe case[Osaka HC] 20010419 Indirect infringement 間接侵害
41 Disposable camera case[Tokyo DC] 20000831 Exhaustion, Novel production of patented product 消尽、再生産
42 Kilby case [Sup] 20000411 Abuse of right, Invalidity of patent 権利濫用
43 Kallikrein case[Sup] 19990716 Claim scope of method invention 方法発明の権利範囲
44 Camostat mesilate case [Sup] 19990416 Generic drug, Testing for new-drug application 後発医薬品、試験研究
45 Antiemetic compound case [Tokyo HC] 19981030 Enablement requirement, Working example イチョウ葉、制吐剤、実施可能要件、実施例記載
46 Ball spline bearing case [Sup] 19980224 Doctrine of equivalent 均等論
47 BBS case [Sup] 19970701 Parallel importation 並行輸入
48 Magnetic Medium Reader Case[Tokyo DC]
19961222 Means plus function, Functional expression, Claim interpretation, Claim scope 磁気媒体リーダ事件、機能的記載、クレーム解釈
49 Lipase case [Sup] 19910308 Claim scope 特許法70条
50 Walking beam type heating furnace case [Sup] 19861003 Scope of prior user’s right, Preparation for business 先使用権、実施の準備
51 Meias Knitting Machine Case[Sup] 19760310 Scope of proceedings of litigation rescinding the trial decision メリヤス編機事件、審決取消訴訟の審理範囲


No. Court Decision Date Outline Japanese
52 TIRE FOR MOTORCYCLE Case[Tokyo HC] 20120718 Similarity, Chief part 自動二輪タイヤ事件、類否判断、要部
53 SHELL HANGER Case[Tokyo HC]
20070613 Obviousness of a design, Combination of cited designs 貝吊り下げ具事件、意匠の創作非容易性、引用意匠の組み合わせ
54 Pulley case[IP HC] 20070131 Scope of a partial design 部分意匠の類否判断
55 Connector terminal case[Tokyo IP HC] 20060331 Design for minute part 肉眼によって認識できない微少形状の意匠
56 Cosmetic Puff Case[Osaka DC] 20051215 Similarity of designs, Similarity of articles 化粧用パフ事件、物品の類似
57 Carabiner case[Tokyo HC] 20051031 Scope of the article of a design right 物品使用状態・用途を勘案した類否判断
58 Wrap Film case[Tokyo DC] 20041029 Design of completed article and design of it’s parts. 完成品の意匠はその部品の意匠権を侵害しない
59 Reduction Gear Case [Tokyo HC] 20030630 Visibility of design 意匠の視覚性
60 Grater design case[IP HC] 20001128 Publication with official gazette and remedy of grace period 外国公報掲載、新規性喪失の例外不適用
61 Self-Propelled Crane Case 19980618 Similarity, Scope of design right 自走式クレーン、意匠の類否判断
62 Flexible elastic hose case[Sup] 19740319 Creativeness and dissimilarity 創作性要件は同一類似物品についても適用
63 Study desk case[Osaka DC] 19711222 Infringement for utilization of registered design 他人の登録意匠の利用による意匠権侵害


No. Court Decision Date Outline Japanese
64 IGZO trademark case[IP HC] 20150225 Mark indicating raw material in common manner 原材料が普通に用いられる商標
65 Tarzan CASE[Tokyo HC] 20120627 Damage the public policy 公序良俗違反
66 “ARICA” Case[Sup] 20111220 Interpretation of the meaning of designated goods/services ARICA事件、指定商品・役務の意義の解釈
67 Evidence of non-use cancellation case[IP HC] 20111024 Credibility of evidence 使用事実証明の為に提出した証拠の信頼性
68 Bad faith registration case[IP HC] 20111024 Pirated trademark and regaining thereof 剽窃的な出願は公序良俗に反する
69 Yakult container 3D trademark case[IP HC] 20101116 3D trademark 識別力を獲得した立体商標
70 Sidamo case [IP HC] 20100329 Mark indicating a place of origin 産地表示
71 Intellasset case[IP HC] 20091020 TM containing famous abbreviation 著名な略称を含む商標
72 TSU-TSU-MI-NO-O-HI-NA-KKO-YA case[Sup] 20080908 Composite trademark 結合商標
73 Coca-Cola case [IP HC] 20080529 3D trademark 立体商標
74 MAGLITE CASE[Tokyo HC] 20070627 Three-dimensional trademark, Discrimination power acquired from use thereof マグライト事件、立体商標、使用により自他商品識別性を取得
75 Leonard Kamhout case [Sup] 20040608 Consent timing of a person’s name 他人の氏名使用許諾の判断基準時
76 Manhattan Portage device mark case [Tokyo HC] 20031120 TM used for unfair purposes 不正の目的
77 FRED PERRY Case[Sup] 20030227 Parallel imports of genuine branded goods フレッドペリー事件、真正商品の並行輸入
78 The historical personal name Dari case[Tokyo HC] 20020731 TM similar to historical personal name, Salvador Dali 著名人名
79 Carrefour case[Tokyo HC] 20010718 Name extruding company structure indication 会社形態の表示を除いた名称は略称に該当せず
80 Palm Spring Polo Club case[Sup] 20010706 Quality misleading, Confusion with famous TM 著名商標と誤認混同
81 L’Air du temps case [Sup] 20000711 Likelihood of confusion 混同を生ずるおそれ
82 Slot machine case[Sup] 20000224 Distinctiveness of trademark 商標の自他品識別機能
83 Georgia case[Sup] 19860123 Registrability of place name 地名商標


No. Court Decision Date Outline Japanese
84 TRIPP TRAPP case[IP HC] 20150414 Entitled to copyright protection 美術の著作物としての保護
85 Copyright in fashion show[IP HC] 20140828 Copyright-ability 著作物性
86 Maneki TV case[Sup] 20110118 Real-time streaming TV programs, Making transmittable ネット回線を通じたTV放送の送信。送信可能化権、公衆送信権
87 Comparative advertising case[IP HC] 20061018 Comparative Advertising 比較広告
88 Model gun case[Tokyo DC] 20000629 Use as indication of goods 商品等表示の「使用」
89 McDonald’s case[Osaka DC] 19931015 Mark causing confusion of business 営業の誤認混同


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