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Members of the Board

The Board of Executive Directors of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) comprises one (1) president, eight (8) vice presidents, eleven (11) auditors, and sixty (60) council members, all of whom are elected from its member patent attorneys. The President of JPAA represents JPAA and presides over its business. All of the board members, except the President, serve part time and without compensation.

President and Vice Presidents

President Mr.Fumio FURUYA (7271)
Vice President Mr. Hiroyuki Nakagawa(9531)
Vice President Mr. Yukio Maruyama(10130)
Vice President Mr. Kiyoshi Hashimoto(10339)
Vice President Mr. Hideki Takahashi(10615)
Vice President Mr. Shuichiro Kitamura(10730)
Vice President Mr. Hiroshi Kamiyama(11680)
Vice President Mr. Shunichi Yoshimura(11722)
Vice President Mr. Seiichi Akagawa(18214)

Executive Directors

Executive Director Mr. Osamu Sugawara(7592)
Executive Director Mr. Kihei Watanabe(8675)
Executive Director Mr. Kazuhisa Torii(8753)
Executive Director Mr.Shin-ichi OGAWA (8872)
Executive Director Ms.Yuriko HAMADA (9034)
Executive Director Mr. Takashi Tsujita(10661)
Executive Director Ms. Chiaki Kato(10786)
Executive Director Mr. Yasutaka Iwamoto(10902)
Executive Director Mr.Yoshihide OGAWA (13036)
Executive Director Ms. Fujiko Shibata(13415)
Executive Director Mr. Akira Tsunoda(16172)

Branch Office

The Japan Patent Attorneys Association comprises nine (9) regional branch offices: Hokkaido Branch Office, Tohoku Branch Office, Hokuriku Branch Office, Kanto Branch Office, Tokai Branch Office, Kinki Branch Office, Chugoku Branch Office, Shikoku Branch Office, and Kyushu Branch Office.